Toen ze bij Megans kamers aankwam en door de ontgrendelde deur stormde

Kaley began to describe her last encounter with one of the baseball team. She went into great detail about how it felt to have his hands sliding over her clothing and the build up of excitement she felt as he started to slide under her shirt. How her nipples were so hard feeling his hand run over her bra. Kaley intentionally left out information about him or how is dick felt in her hand for the first time, instead focusing entirely on how she felt, how wet she was, how it felt to feel his finger run over the front of her damp panties. Thrusting her hips up to create more pressure, the wonderful feeling of his hand all over her body and how badly she wanted something inside her pussy.

Megan at this point was rubbing one of her tits lightly and slowly gyrating her hips without meaning to.

“I was kindof shocked when he slipped his hand underneath the edge of my panties and I felt someone else’s fingers on my pussy, I gasped a little and I think I scared him cause he stopped.” Kaley feigned to be a little sad.

Megan opened her eyes, Kaley could see how horny she was.

“Pull off your shorts, I’ll tell you another story but this time I want you to rub your… self.”

Megan didn’t protest this time, she wanted release too badly. She close her eyes again and began slowly to move her hand between her legs to her teenage virgin pussy. Kaley told he about her next encounter when the boy had sucked on her tits, and flicked her nipples with his tongue. How he wanted to fuck her but she didn’t let him. Her sister Megan was so wet she could see it all over her pussy lips and fingers.

My favorite porn star cocks: Nick Long
My favorite porn star cocks: Nick Long

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